It’s not often that a visit to an auto mechanic reaffirms your faith in humanity, but after a visit to Superior Auto Service I can testify that it can happen.

After telling my tale of woe about a Jiffy Lube visit which knocked out my dashboard lights, they promised they’d work my car in and take a look. I dropped my car off and after a few hours they were able to dig around and find that it was two blown fuses which were the problem. They replaced the fuses and declined to bill me anything for it saying that they felt guilty for charging for such a simple thing.

Look who just got a new customer.

Doug C. in Seattle

These guys are awesome. They always work fast, go the extra mile to check and fix little things, but never try to upsell you on further services. They are also very friendly and approachable. No wonder they are always loaded up with customers and have fantastic reviews.

Jordan B. in Seattle

This place is great! You can kiss all the eeby-jeebies of auto-repair mistrust goodbye. Their prices are reasonable and they don’t over charge you or tack on hidden fees and costs at every opportunity. Definitely would recommend them.

Alena H. in Seattle

The folks at Superior never fail to live up to their name!

I’ve been bringing my car to Superior for a couple years, now, and I’ve had a great and personal experience every time. Their work is top notch, the turnaround is speedy, and they remember me like I’m a friend every time I come in. Twice, now, I’ve had to bring my Saturn VUE in unannounced because of odd little mechanical issues while on the road, and they’ve been completely accommodating each time, somehow managing to work me into their busy schedule with no complaints or extra charges. I always feel confident and comfortable when I bring my car here, and I think you will, too. Perfect stars from me!

Josh M. in Seattle

Great customer service. Friendly and honest. Car is running great. Will be back in a heart beat.

Mike S. in Seattle

I lived in Seattle for two and a half years and took my Toyota Highlander to SAS consistently. Charlie and his team were always dependable, quick, and completely transparent about what my car needed. I had to move away from Seattle in December and hated the thought of taking my car somewhere unfamiliar. The Superior team is the BEST! It is hard to come by honest, accountable auto service teams. Thank you!

Emily O. in Seattle

Team S.A.S.,

I never thought it would be possible to like and trust an auto service center, but you have change my mind! Thank you for your friendly & helpful team members, your honest business practices, and your willingness to go the extra mile. I’m now a raving fan of yours for life!

Christy K. in Seattle, WA

I’ve tried several auto mechanics in Seattle and Superior has the best service and pricing. Charlie and Sarah in the front office are always friendly and helpful. They will assist you with the research to find the best pricing and won’t hesitate to refer to you to a local shop for service.

Their oil changes are very reasonable and the mechanics will show you specific issues or parts that need repair. This atmosphere of transparency is much appreciated.

Picabo L. in Seattle, WA

We’ve been taking our cars to Superior for about five years now, for services ranging from a basic oil change to a complete fuel injection system cleaning, and while they are a little more expensive than other shops, I have always felt the work they do is top notch and I’ve never gotten the impression that they were trying to up sell some unnecessary service or maintenance. On the occasions that an inspection has turned up something, they’ve always given me options and been realistic about how much longer I might wait before having to fix it. For example, I used to have an older Saab that came with expensive Bridgestone tires, and they said I had maybe 5000 miles left on two of them, but given how much I actually drive I could probably get another year on them. Even though they could have ordered the same Bridgestone’s to replace them, they found another brand with a good reputation and similar tread pattern for a third of the cost, and said they’d order those when I was ready. Throw in friendly service at the counter, a clean and comfortable lobby area, and the ability to make appointments online, and you’ve got yourself a great service shop. Given that auto repair is a notoriously dishonest, hit and miss industry, Superior is one of the few establishments I’ve found that hasn’t given me cause to doubt them.

Erik M. in Seattle, WA

I have been going to Superior for a couple of years now. First with my German car which always seemed to be breaking down and now with my Asian car which brings me to Superior every 3,000 miles for an oil change. Superior actually encouraged me to get a different car because they realistically knew the long-term prognosis for my old car. They cared less about their bottom line and more about the reality of my situation. When I was car shopping, they told me they would be happy to inspect any car I was thinking about purchasing and Charlie even looked up trade reviews on some vehicles I was interested in buying to see how they stacked up. Can you say “Customer Service”??? The customer service at Superior is top notch. Charlie and Sarah that manage the front are a dream team and begin to feel like friends. They schedule appointments both over the phone or online. They check-in with you midday to update you about your vehicle’s progress as well as when you can expect the job to be complete. At the end of the day, they (or a mechanic) review the work that was performed on your vehicle. The mechanics are excellent at what they do and take the time to come up to the front to explain your car details to you or walk outside to your vehicle to indicate things they think you should know. I have sent family and friends to Superior and had random other “aha” moments with friends when we find out we both have been mutually going to Superior for years. There’s a reason they have gotten such great reviews on here. Word of mouth is everything and I won’t take my car anywhere else.

Rochelle S. in Seattle, WA

This was my best experience with a mechanic. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone! My car was making an awful rattling sound for a few seconds every time I started it cold. I brought it to a mechanic who said it was my timing belt. He replaced the timing belt. When I got it back from him, it had the same problem and the car would now die in the mornings and hesitate when accelerating. I brought it to the dealership that replaced the Engine Control Module and said that should do it. That didn’t fix any of the problems. I then brought it back to the original mechanic who double checked their work and said everything looked great. Now, over $1000 in the hole and more car problems than I started with, I found Superior Auto Service online and read their reviews and decided to take my car there. Superior Auto Service was able to diagnose the problem (my oil pump seal had been sucked in so my engine was basically starved of oil when I started it cold), AND they were able to discover that the timing belt was put on wrong. It was one tooth off which was causing my car to die and hesitate. When I went to pick the car up last night, they said that whoever did my timing belt really screwed it up and it was taking a little long than expected to correct the problem, probably another hour’s worth of time. I had to pick up my kids from school and wasn’t sure what to do as I had taken a bus to the mechanic and needed my car, so the owner drove me to Hertz and rented me a car. He even let me borrow his kid’s car seat for my daughter. These guys are not only good at what they do, but honest and genuinely kind. As I said before, I would recommend Superior Auto Service to anyone. I’m definitely going to take my car there in the future for all repairs.

John W. in Seattle, WA

Dear Charlie and Superior Auto Staff,

I wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent repair job on my Jetta last week! I’ve already seen marked improvement in power and performance, not to mention I’m getting the best gas mileage I’ve ever had!

You and the staff were friendly, helpful, and the service I received far surpassed my expectations. You helped me to understand the problem and walked me through every aspect of the repair. You made me feel comfortable with the process and gave me the sense that I got a great value for my money. I’m very glad I followed my gut feeling and came to you instead of trying to do an expensive and unnecessary repair myself. From now on, I’m always coming to you and I’m telling everyone I know to do the same!

Thank you again for providing such superior service!

Kristina C.


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