Being prepared for the “feeling” of your ABS

feeling of your abs

Most drivers don’t know the feeling of your ABS. Ideally, you prepare for it so you are not surprised from the feel of the pedal when or if you ever need it – in this rainy area, it’s a given.

If you have ever experienced the feeling of your ABS engaging while driving, then you know it is a strange sensation. You may feel like your vehicle has suddenly become uncontrollable, or that the brakes have been applied too harshly. But don’t be alarmed—this is actually a safety feature built into your car called an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

How Do you Figure Out the Feeling of Your ABS?

If you are a skilled driver, you can best prepare for this situation, with practical experience. Get out there and figure it out! To begin, you should consider taking your car out on a wet or slippery day on a road without any other cars around so that you can experience the feeling of the pedal and the way it vibrates when the ABS engages. In the Seattle area, we are abundant in these types of days, so you’re in luck!

Here at Superior Auto Service, we have to test braking systems on a regular basis, and we know the feeling of your ABS, so this is part of our job and we are comfortable purposefully engaging the ABS system. Don’t ever do anything you aren’t confident and comfortable with.

Things to Consider About Your ABS

The first step is checking to see what may come smack you in the back of the head should you stop fast. There’s much more to it all that just knowing the feeling of your ABS. A quick check of the contents inside the passenger compartment and the trunk allows us to be sure that we won’t do harm to our customer’s car or ourselves.

After that we make absolutely sure no one is behind us, brace ourselves and press on the brake pedal as hard as we can and see how the car reacts. If everything is working properly the pedal will vibrate and the car will stop very quickly without skidding. If things aren’t working properly the car may dive or steer to one side or the other, one or all wheels may lock up or the brakes may not have enough friction to slow the car down fast enough to activate the ABS.

feeling of your abs

Your car actually knows the maximum deceleration rate before the tire skids and will activate the ABS prior to the wheel locking up. When your ABS engages, it’s essentially like you a pressing and releasing the brake pedal as fast as 15 times per second! Remember the “old days” when they told you to pump the brakes? Those days are long gone. Your ABS is made to allow steering despite hard braking. So brake first, then steer away to keep control of the car.

Contact Superior Auto today if you need your ABS inspected or repaired or just understand the feeling of your ABS!

If you are experiencing any issues with your ABS, it is important to bring your vehicle in for service as soon as possible. At Superior Auto of Seattle, our trained technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing any ABS problems you may be having.

One common issue with ABS systems is a faulty wheel speed sensor. This sensor is responsible for detecting the speed at which each wheel is turning, and relaying that information to the ABS control module. If the sensor is malfunctioning, the ABS may engage at inappropriate times or not engage at all.

Another potential issue with ABS systems is a malfunctioning hydraulic pump or valve. These components are responsible for modulating brake pressure to each wheel in order to prevent skidding. If they are not functioning properly, the ABS system may not engage when it is needed, which could increase the risk of an accident.

In order to ensure your ABS system is functioning properly, it is recommended to have it serviced annually. During this service, our technicians will inspect all components of the system and make any necessary repairs or replacements. This annual service can not only ensure your safety on the road, but also reduce the risk of more costly repairs in the future.

At Superior Auto of Seattle, we are committed to keeping you and your vehicle safe on the road. If you suspect an issue with your ABS system, don’t hesitate to bring it in for service. If you aren’t familiar with the feeling of your ABS, it might seem to be off putting, but we’ll make sure it’s working just fine. Trust us, you’ll get used to the feeling of your ABS after a while!

Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are here to help.

Check out this video from How Stuff Works to better understand the feeling of your ABS!