Safety Check

When it comes to vehicle repair and maintenance, safety is our number one priority. In order to keep your car safe, we recommend a complete vehicle inspection once a year. Our technicians spend over an hour looking over your car from top to bottom, for any safety or maintenance issues. Once the inspection is complete, we call you with a comprehensive report and help prioritize any issues that were found. We know you are on a budget, and we will do our best to make recommendations based on safety.


Our Vehicle Inspection Includes:

Air Filter
Battery (Test)
Brake Fluid Level/Condition
Clutch Fluid Level/Condition
Coolant Hoses
Differential Fluid
Driveline/Drive shafts
Exhaust System
Fluid Leaks
Fuel System
Oil Level/ Condition
Power Steering Level/Condition
Radiator Level/Condition
Transmission Level/Condition (most cars)
Tune Up Parts
U-Joints/CV Joints/CV Boots
Washer Fluid Level
Wheel Cylinders/Calipers
Wiper/Washer Operation

Should our mechanics spot any problems with your car, they will give you an honest estimate of it, and how soon you need to take action to correct it. We understand how frustrating it is to fix one thing and find out that another needs repair, but often problems are easiest to remedy the sooner they are discovered.