Say Goodbye to the Year with Our Superior Auto Service Blog Roundup!

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Superior Auto Service hopes you have enjoyed our monthly blogs throughout the year. We love to bring our readers the latest new, advice and information about the vehicles we service and customers we hope to serve time and time again. Take a look at our recap for this year in blogs!

How to Prepare Your Car for Storage in 6 Steps

Superior Auto Service knows when you have to prepare your car for storage, there are several things to consider. Whether you’re going on a long vacation away or preparing for a child to go off to school, you may opt to put your car into storage. After all, vehicle storage is a great way to save on insurance. However, when you have to prepare a car for storage, it requires a little more prep than just putting a cover on it and calling it good. It’s important to make sure you take the right steps when putting your vehicle into storage so that it’s in tip-top shape when you come back to it…

Why Catalytic Converter Theft Skyrocketed During COVID (And How to Protect Yours!)

Catalytic converters play an essential role in keeping our air clean and filtering the exhaust that comes from your engine. At Superior Auto Service, we have been seeing an uptick in the need for service. Unfortunately, catalytic converters are also huge targets for car pirates hoping to make some extra cash.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, catalytic converter theft has skyrocketed by 325%. 

But what makes catalytic converters so valuable? And how can you keep yours safe?

In this blog post we’ll be answering both of those questions. But first, some history…

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Driving Hazards to Avoid This Fall

Superior Auto Service knows that snow and ice are often thought of as treacherous driving conditions, but that doesn’t mean other seasons won’t bring potential safety hazards. The Pacific Northwest has famously unpredictable and ever-changing weather. 

This Fall, be prepared for driving wet leaves, fog, darkness, around wild animals, and other autumn safety hazards…

4 Common Car Smells and What They Mean

Many times we’re told to pay attention to how our car sounds and feels. At Superior Auto Service, we think this is great advice, as a lot of car issues can often be noticed or solved by listening. But what about how your car smells? Smells in your car like your child’s running shoes or your air freshener and normal. However, there are certain smells that you ought to pay attention to, as they could point to something seriously wrong with your car or engine. Here are four smells to sniff out that could point to possible car trouble…

5 Important Things to Know About Hydroplaning

Have you ever been driving in very rainy weather, there is water on the roadway and it seems like your vehicle is uncontrollably sailing or gliding over a patch of water? It’s likely that this experience was a phenomenon called hydroplaning. This situation can be very alarming and many people react poorly or do not know how to react at all. At Superior Auto Service, we know how important it is to keep your cool. At Superior Auto Service, we are located in the rainy state of Washington and have to handle inclement weather all too often.

Hydroplaning is essentially your tires gliding over the water instead of going through it. Your tires have lost contact with the road. Hydroplaning most commonly happens right after it has started to rain, in deep water runoff going over a roadway or if there is a lot of dust and oil on the top of the water on the road. Vehicles are typically going over 45mph for hydroplaning to occur.

How to Check Your 6 Vehicle Fluids

At Superior Auto Service, we know your fluids are important. Vehicle fluids keep your vehicle going and it is vital to check all of your vehicle’s fluids at regular intervals several times per year. You need to keep all six fluids in the correct levels to keep your vehicle running smoothly and ensuring its longevity of life. You should set a schedule for checking each of these fluids and pay attention to any noises, odors or random, strange things that indicate a problem with your vehicle…