AAA Article About Dealing With Rolling Computers

Check out this great article from AAA about dealing with today's new technology! Here at Superior Auto Service we enjoy working the new technology and helping our customers. This article is full of useful information and helpful advice!

AAA Article About Trustworthy Auto Repair

At Superior Auto Service we pride ourselves on providing the best auto repair and always putting our customer first.  We read this AAA article and felt that the tips are definitely beneficial for all customers searching for auto repair services.  We strive to meet all of the expectations! When choosing an automotive repair facility to…


  • Car Maintenance 101

    Summer has gone and fall is officially here. With the changing seasons it’s good to brush up on vehicle maintenance tips to to keep you car running in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Here’s your quick guide to maintenance schedules that can help you catch issues before they arise! Brakes Your brakes are…

  • 4 Common Car Smells and What They Mean

    Many times we’re told to pay attention to how our car sounds and feels. This is great advice, as a lot of car issues can often be noticed or solved by listening. But what about how your car smells? Smells in your car like your child’s running shoes or your air freshener and normal. However,…