Tips for Driving in Snow

We’ve seen a ton of snow this past week. As we all head back to work after the holidays, it’s important to make sure we’re being safe on the roads. Here are a few tips for driving in snow to keep you safe into the New Year. Don’t If you can avoid it stay home….


  • Signs of an Issue With Your Power Steering

    If you’ve ever driven a vehicle without power steering you know just how important it is to maneuvering your vehicle with ease. Without it, it takes much more strength and exertion to turn your vehicle in any direction.  An issue with your power steering can seriously affect your car’s handling, which can be a liability…

  • How Often Should I Get My Tires Checked?

    I recently met someone who told me they didn’t know that tires rotation, like oil changes, should be performed regularly. They didn’t even know that it was a thing that should be done. This encounter got me thinking about the importance of tire rotation.  Tire rotation is a minor-seeming task that is crucial for vehicle…