What is a drivability analysis?

Modern cars are extremely complex, and often problems are hard to diagnose.  If you are experiencing a problem with your car, we will do a number of things to discover the exact trouble.
It is a common misconception that all we have to do is hook up a computer to a car and immediately know what is wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth!
First we have to analyze the date the computer gives us and decipher whether the data is normal or abnormal. We then test the particular circuits, sensors, and wires in-between. Because there are over 250 reasons the Check Engine light will come on, which doesn’t even include problems with the transmission, antilock braking system, heating and air conditioning, safety-restraint system or airbags, there is often an arduous process involved in a correct diagnosis.
Of course, we also test drive the car to experience the system, and after repairs are made we test drive it again before earsing the diagnostic trouble codes from the on-board computer.